Do you issue individual policy ?

Yes, Chubb is an individual scheme, the policy schedule is issued to each doctor.

How can I pay the premium ?

The premium can be paid by
Online transfer to our corporate account i.e.

Payee: Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad

Banker: Maybank Bernard
Account number: 514084243770

If I switch from other Indemnity providers will my past work be covered? And it is free?

Yes, we provide full retroactive cover from the commencement of your practice provided furnish us a copy previous indemnity Insurance at no additional charge of premium.

What is Medindemnity ?

The Medindemnity is a one stop shop website specially catered to the needs of medical indemnity for doctors in Malaysia. We provide indemnity cover from allied health professional, government doctors, dentist, private general practitioner and specialists doctors which includes from low, medium and high risks category. Besides, we do provide indemnity for medical establishment to protect the business entity and Takaful medical indemnity through Zurich Takaful operator. Lastly we do provide coverage for property of clinic or medical Centre through Chubb Flexiguard business solution.

Why I need Medical Malpractice Insurance?

Claims against medical practitioner for actual or alleged acts of negligence are on the rise in Malaysia. Over the past few years the number and amount of claims against doctors has increased with some cases reported in the local press. Malaysia medical council has enacted the Medical Acts by 2020 must produce evidence of Professional Indemnity cover before issuing the Annual Practicing Certificate for the year 2021 onwards .

Why choose Chubb as my provider ?

Chubb is the world?s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer with operations in 54 countries. Parent company Chubb limited is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:CB) and is a component of the S&P 500 index. Chubb, maintains executive office in Zurich, New York, London and other location and employs approximately 31,000 people worldwide.

Who is Chubb in Malaysia?

Chubb?s operation in Malaysia ( Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad) provide a comprehensive range of general insurance solution for large corporate, small and medium sized business, as well as individual through a multitude of distribution channel with a strong underwriting culture, the company offers responsive service and market leadership built on financial strength. Chubb in Malaysia has a network of 23 branches and more than 2,500 agents.

What is the role of Medindemnity ?

Medindemnity is the website online one stop centre and responsible for managing and administration i.e. new application, renewal application, General enquiries, negotiating pricing, identifying categories of doctor and assisting claims related matters.

What is claims-made policy ?

A claims made policy is when your indemnity insurance gives cover for a claim being made against you within the policy period. Your policy is triggered once you make a notification to Medindemnity as soon as any claims or potential claim that you are aware of.

Am I covered for Good Samaritan acts ?

Yes, the policy cover for Good Samaritan acts which you performing emergency medical treatment at the scene of an accident, medical crisis or disaster where you are not in the capacity of a Doctor Patient Relationship.

Will I still be covered after I retire from medical practice?

Yes, you are covered provided you have renewed our policy without fail and notify us in writing with additional premium imposed by us.

Am I covered in the event my nurse makes a mistake am I held vicariously liable ?

Yes, you are cover under vicarious liability clause of the policy in according to the terms and conditions of the policy .

What is Run Off cover ?

If the doctor permanently cease to provide Professional Healthcare Services during the period of insurance, the coverage provided shall continue until the end of the Period of Insurance. The coverage may extend to include any claims or inquiries first made against the insured within a period of 72 months from the end of period of insurance with condition insured given written notice and may be at insurance company sole discretion on additional premium.

Does the policy provide cover for locum work?

The policy includes cover as the named insured and should you work as locum outside.
Your practice area if have declare and include locum exposure during the application.

Am I covered during my clinical trials?

The policy includes cover for medical negligence claims during the course of a clinical trial. However, the cover is not intended to indemnify the actual trial risks.

How do I make a claim on my policy ?

For full details and advice on how to make a claim, please click and see CLAIM SUPPORT.

I am interested. How do I sign up ?

For full details of how to apply please click Four Steps Process