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CHUBB Elite Medical Malpractice Insurance for Individual Practitioners

To indemnify sole practitioners in their provision of professional healthcare services.
We know that medical or healthcare professionals and establishments are very vulnerable to complex risks and costly litigation.A form of professional indemnity insurance, medical malpractice insurance provides individual healthcare practitioners and medical establishments with protection and tools to manage the evolving risks of today?s complex healthcare industry.

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Medical Malpractice Takaful (Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad)

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CHUBB Elite Medical Malpractice Insurance For Medical Establishments

To Indemnify the practice entity and its employees who are not practicing doctors.

On case to case basis, if makes underwriting sense to do so, we are able to include practicing doctors at an Additional Premium being charged, subject to full details of number, specialities, claims histories etc to be furnished.

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CHUBB FlexiGuard Insurance Specially Designed for Clinic or Medical Centre

1. A comprehensive 7 in one tailored and custom made policy to provide wide range of coverage includes Fire, Burglary, Money, Fidelity Guarantee, All Risks, Plate Glass and Public Liability.
2. All-in-one insurance Package that is tailored to meet the business needs and the premium is lower than conventional policy
3. Flexibility to choose and amend the coverage as needed.
4. 24/7 Access to issue quotation and policy via E-Placement flexiguard Plus

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Medical Malpractice Takaful for Medical Establishment (Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad


CHUBB Cyber Enterprise Risk Management

We have an appetite for doing business
with a broad range of customer segments
from large multinationals to small
business enterprises. We offer domestic
and international solutions to a variety of
industries and professions, including: Manufacturing Construction firms, Professional services companies, including law firms, Healthcare, Technology, Utilities, Retail, Education, Associations, Public Entities, Assest Managers/Financial Institutions, Hospitality, Wholesale and logistics, Transportation


Z-Driver Takaful

At Zurich Malaysia, we understand that protecting your car is also about protecting your precious family and you. This is why we have designed Z-Driver Takaful – a basic motor plan with SUPER VALUE add-ons to protect the ones you truly love.